33 days left in my 20’s

So this morning I was consulting google on the subject of things I am supposed to have done before turning 30.  I came upon this blog that got me thinking (http://mythirtythings.com/list/).  After reading her blog and realizing she started this list at 25, I guess I am a little behind, by like 59 months.  So instead of trying to accomplish all sorts of things in the next month I guess I’ll just make a list of all the awesome stuff I’ve already done.  Well, ok, I’ll start out with a Few things I haven’t yet done that I would like to, then I’ll tell you how awesome I’ve already been.

Stuff I want to do:

1.  Jump out of an airplane (while it’s flying)

2.  Have a child that calls me Momma besides my dog children

3.  Be independently wealthy

4.  Invent some system that allows me to cook without having to suffer the repercussions of either cleaning up after myself or putting on the weight from the amazing creations

5.  Take a yoga vacation

I realize the chances of me doing these things (ever) before I turn 30 is slim to none.  Especially number 2, due to the time constraints and all (unless I were Bella Swan).  So I guess that list is more of like a lifetime achievement list.

Awesome stuff I’ve done:

1.  Taught pre-school gymnastics

2.  Helped my little brother enjoy science class a little

3.  Marry someone as silly as I am

4.  Become a step-mom

5.  Serve my country beside some of the most awesome people I’ve ever known

6.  Make friends in new places where I knew No One

7.  Convinced my mom to leave the place she had lived for almost 50 years and move to the beach with me

8.  Earn like 500 college credits and have No degree of any sort to show for it (not easy to do)

9.  Have 6 awesome kids call me Aunt Jessie (ok, Owen hasn’t come out and Said it yet, but he will)

10. Keep in touch with friends I’ve had since I was 5 or younger, that’s a 25-27 year friendship right there!

11. Hold down an adult job, pay a mortgage and associated bills, and still have no clear idea of what I want to do when I grow up

As you can see this list by no means really covers all the awesomeness I’ve achieved in the past 29 years and almost 11 months.  The point is, I love making lists.

But seriously (I Do love making lists) when I look back at some of the cool things I’ve done and forward to all the cool things I’ve yet to do, I guess, just maybe, 30 might not be so bad.

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